Blended Reality Applied Research Project Teams

In November project teams were selected to participate in the Blended Reality Applied Research Project.  The selected projects are:

For reference, the application process and selection criteria are outlined below:

Yale faculty and students submit proposals to participate in the applied research work.  The available resources include funding, equipment and technical expertise, with total value for individual projects in the $5 – 20,000 range.  Prior experience with 3D/blended reality is not required. 

Project descriptions include a clear description of the project, project goals and how access to 3D design, augmented reality, digital imaging or 3D printing/fabrication technologies will support and enhance the project goals.

Guidelines for Project Grants:

  • The applying individual must be a Yale faculty member or Yale student (graduate, professional or undergraduate) for the duration of the award period.
  • Students need to specify a faculty advisor.
  • The grant amount must be spent by October  31, 2017
  • Project budgets not to exceed $20,000 in total value.  An estimated budget should be included with the grant request.
  • Resource requests can include access to project grant equipment, other equipment purchases, funding for student labor, materials/supplies expenses, training or professional services.
  • Successful applicants agree to participate in documentation and publicity of the use of 3D technologies in project work to include:
    • Writing a series of quarterly progress updates,
    • Producing a final 3 – 5 page final report (due on or before June 30, 2017) on the role 3D technologies play in advancing the project work,
    • and be available for video/photo interviews with Yale and HP staff.


Grant applications will be reviewed by the committee.  Projects that meet the program requirements will receive a round two interview with a committee member.  Based on that information, and available project funding, final awards will be made. 

Project Equipment and Services:

The following HP resources are included in the program and are available to request as part of an individual grant request: