3D meets Letterpress at JE Printshop

Richard Rose in the JE Print Show with the new 3D printer
February 14, 2017

The letterpress print shop in Yale’s Jonathan Edwards (JE) College is the newest location for a Dremel Idea Builder 3D printer.  Yale School of Art faculty member Richard Rose (pictured) is director of the JE print shop, and teaches the traditional letterpress printing process to Yale students.  JE College is one of the few working print shops on campus, and is a resource for a range of student printing projects – from event posters, holiday cards and books to the annual college certificates for the JE graduating class.   The print shop collection includes working printing presses and a large collection of traditional moveable type. 

Professor Rose is looking forward to incorporating the rapid prototyping capabilities of the Dremel 3D printer into the student work.  Possibilities include producing special visual elements, filling in missing elements from the type collections and even prototyping an entirely new collection of physical type.