Imagination to 3D Object

Imagination to Idea
March 16, 2017

Summer Sutton of the Mind Design project team recently reported success in a proof of concept. 

The Mind Design project utilizes an EEG brain scanner unit and an HP Sprout to explore how thoughts and emotions can be converted into a 3D representation.  One use case would be a boyfriend who wants to create a unique piece of jewelry for his girlfriend.  A brain scan while he things loving thoughts about her could be translated into a special gift to represent their relationship.

The video below provides an overview of how it could work.  The process is not automated yet – the work pictured in the video requires hand work to transfer the brain patterns into Maya and then to render the 3D object.  But with any luck this might become a future fixture in the Valentines Day displays at your local jewelry store. 

Project Team: 
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