Meeting at the Crossroads

At one of the weekly student-led workshops
March 22, 2017

Faculty member Justin Berry reports on activities with the Crossroads team:

So far we have been very successful with the public workshops. To date we have held five workshops, hosted by three different students and covering a broad range of topics, from projection mapping, augmented reality, virtual reality, and using sensors in live performance. The general trend of attendance is that it has grown and has come to include many regular attendees. Students right now are in the stage of exploration and experimentation facilitated through weekly group meetings. As a group we have created a number of virtual experiences used them to facilitate conversation and critique. Students have also begun working on their own projects.

Weekly meetings are opportunities to come together and problem solve as well as share ideas and techniques. During meetings we have made interactive virtual musical instruments, spatial obstacles, and created the experience of flying and falling in virtual space. Students bring challenges that they are trying to solve and work together to find answers.

Crossroads Team:

Faculty lead, Justin Berry, School of Art, Digital Media Center for the Arts

Michael Commendatore, School of Drama, Projection Design
Johnny Moreno, School of Drama, Projection Design
Teddy Mathias, School of Art, Design
Young Joo Lee, School of Art, Sculpture
Wlad Voyno Rodriguez, School of Drama, Projection Design
William Wheeler, School of Art, Sculpture

Project Team: