From Pepper’s Ghost to a Projected 3D Experience

March 22, 2017

As a photographer, I am looking for ways to push the medium beyond our experience of a 2D print or image on the screen. I am working on a 3D hologram installation that includes still and moving images with a mix of traditional and innovative technologies using light and projection.   Using a two-dimensional stop-motion video I am creating a glasses-free 3D viewing experience with a plexi glass hologram viewer.

Working with organic imagery, the goal is to evoke a relationship between illusion and reality and our expanding consciousness. Holographic prototype machineThe installation would present ten life-sized 3D holograms. Small holograms are fairly easy to make but so far the issue  is how to scale up a 3D hologram of a human to life size. Recent models I have explored include Tupac at Coachella in 2012 or most recently by French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon on Feb 5th of this year.    The technique for these performances differ for the 19th century Pepper’s Ghost illusion only in the use of digital projection technology.  The optics of the illusion have not changed.

Projected imageThe next stage of my research will explore how to use 3D capture combined with 3D projection.  What would happen if I start with an image captured in 360 motion and then project it into 3D? I am exploring a variety of solutions and combining traditional technology with current and developing technologies I hope to accomplish a life size 3D hologram without the viewing apparatus overwhelming the experience.

Bek Anderson

Project Team: