Quarterly Team Checkin

Blended Reality Team Check-in
March 9, 2017

On Thursday, March 8, 2017 the project teams in the Blended Reality project participated in their first project check-in.  During the meeting each team provided a short presentation on their progress to-date, with time for questions and general discussion among the group.  A couple of highlights:

  • The Save the Snax team shared that they’d been regulars at the Thursday night workshops offered by the Crossroads team.  Which really helped give them a headstart on using Unity and some of the other tools needed for their project.
  • The Mind Design project has created their first prototype – taking a thought and translating it into a fabricated object.
  • The Taxidermy Birds team has been busy scanning birds and reproducing the models.  The CT Bird Hall displays at the Peabody Natural History Museum already have several missing species now represented, with several other holes ready to be filled.

Watch this website for an upcoming series of individual updates on work from each of the teams.  Thanks to all of the teams for the great work!