Representation of the Self

Student ideas of blended reality
February 6, 2017

In Selfhood, Race, Class, and Gender, a new seminar in the Yale Humanities Department, undergraduates take a long historical view of their online self-expression. How do Seneca’s letters prefigure the open blog post? Can the autonomous self praised by Michel de Montaigne be conveyed in a selfie? Profs. Marta Figlerowicz and Ayesha Ramachandran, who co-developed this course, raise such questions through texts and visuals culled from across centuries of European, American, Middle Eastern, and South Asian aesthetic traditions. On the basis of such trans-historical reflections, their students will use Blended Reality technology to reimagine the way they represent themselves and their identities through social media. As one course participant put it in an early exercise, the aim of these final creative projects will be a “futuristic layering or superimposition of real and digital worlds, so that they simultaneously … confuse and reveal each other.”

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Born Digital: Crafting the Modern Self