Save the Snax Team Reports Progress

Elia Taffa using a Structure scanner to 3D scan a table
February 6, 2017

The Save the Snax! team has been working hard and exploring methods to create their 3D environment.  The picture shows team member Elia Taffa using a Structure scanner to 3D scan a table.  Team head Sharon Phu reports:

We have so far attempted two different methods to scan the room our game will be set in. The first attempt was to use Autodesk 123D to generate a 3D model from photos of the room. Unfortunately, this attempt failed to give us a model; we believe this was perhaps because the room was too large for this method to work.

Our second idea was to use a Structure scanner. However, we discovered that the room’s geometry was not complex enough for the scanner to render a workable model.¬†Insufficient lighting was also a factor. We plan to try the Structure scanner again, next time with a lighting kit.

In the meanwhile, we will construct a 3D model of the room using the game development platform Unity.

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Save the Snax