Upcoming Learning Workshops

Student using VIVE virtual reality headset
February 8, 2017

The Crossroads team announces a series of 7pm, Thursday evening workshops.  All take place at the Digital Media Center for the Arts (DMCA) at 149 York street and are open to the Yale Community.   Come learn from their explorations with game engines, VR headsets like the Vive, Touch Designer, digital animation, room sensors and other tools to work in the blended reality/augmented reality/virtual reality spaces.

Feb 9 :  Teddy Mathias- Augmented Reality: Hacking Space, Sound and Color

In this workshop you’ll build your first application for augmented reality using the Unity Game Engine. For all skill levels. No prior experience or coding experience necessary.

Feb 16 : Michael Commendatore - Playing with sensors in live performance

Getting Sensors to communicate with Touchdesigner and Isadora

Feb 23 :  Teddy Mathias - Building a Mixed Reality Musical Instrument.

In this workshop we’ll introduce you to the Unity Game Engine and hack together your first Augmented Reality musical instrument. For all skill levels. No prior experience or coding experience necessary.

Mar 2 :  Wlad Woyno Rodriguez - Taking Touch Designer further

More advance tools to use Touch Designer for a virtual narrative experience.

March 9 : Johnny Moreno - Capturing live performance in 360 degrees

How to capture a dramatic performance using 360 cameras.

Mar 16 : Johnny Moreno - Editting documentary 360 footage

How to bring the experience of live performance to pre recorded footage.

Mar 30 : Young Joo Lee - Bring back the dead to life

In this workshop, we will be making a clay sculpture and 3D scan these to animate using Blender.

There’s no prior knowledge of sculpting nor 3D program knowledge is required.

Apr 6 : Will Wheeler - 3d Scanning

3d scan an object (up to the size of a room) in minutes using an Xbox Kinect and 3d scanning software, Skanect. Scans can be colorized and exported at various 3 file formats.

Apr 13 : Michael Commendatore - Getting VR ready

Connecting to an HTC Vive using Unity and Touchdesigner

Apr 20 : Young Joo Lee - Hyper-memory: using 360 degree camera

I will be introducing features of GoPro 360 degree camera and use them to create a short hyper-memory of this evening.

Apr 27:  Will Wheeler - Leap Motion

Learn how to interact with your computer screen with virtual hands through a tiny cheap device the size of a pack of gum. Play games, navigate libraries, and model 3d objects all without ever touching a mouse or a keyboard.

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