Born Digital: Crafting the Modern Self


Our spring seminar on the categories that structure self, identity and community will use blended reality tools to explore how race, class and gender emerge from and challenge boundaries between the virtual and the physical, the imagined and the real.

What does it mean to be born digital¬Ě? Students will engage creatively with the notion of selfhood, both in its history and in how it applies to their everyday lives, by creating blended reality archives that capture traces of their selves.


Ayesha Ramachandran

Ayesha Ramachandran is an assistant professor of Comparative Literature at Yale University.  A literary and cultural historian of early modern Europe, her work focuses on the long histories of globalization and modernity. She is the author of The Worldmakers (2015).

Marta Figlerowicz is an Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and English at Yale. She is the author of two books, Flat Protagonists and Spaces of Feeling, and is currently at work on a new project on the phenomenology of digital media.