Stalled! Blended Reality: Prototype for an All-Gender Public Restroom


Stalled! Blended Reality will employ virtual reality technologies to develop design prototypes for safe and inclusive public restrooms that addresses the needs of diverse bodies of different genders, ages, and disabilities.

We will employ blended reality as a design and representational tool to generate a blended reality prototype allowing users to experience the visual, acoustic, and tactile qualities of a multi-unit all-gender prototype bathroom.


Joel Sanders, Principal, JSA; Professor, YSOA

Joel Sanders is a principal of his award-winning New York based design studio JSA and professor of Architecture at Yale University. Sanders’ writings and practice have explored the complex relationship between culture and social space.


David Langdon, M.Arch I Candidate, YSOA

David is a second-year M.Arch I student at the Yale School of Architecture with interests in social justice and urbanism. Before his graduate studies, he worked in civil rights and architecture, and was a 2013 graduate of Yale College.


Francesca Carney, M.Arch I Candidate, YSOA

Francesca is a third year graduate student at the Yale School of Architecture. She is interested in 3D capturing technologies and is excited to work with the HP Blended Reality teams to explore the potential of their applications.