Taxidermy birds Into 3D models


There are four missing sandpipers in the Connecticut Bird Hall. We will scan one of the small taxidermied sandpipers to create four models to fill in the blank spots.

Rather than kill live birds to fill in missing birds in the CT Bird Hall or to painstakingly sculpt accurate bird models, can 3D models scanned from taxidermy mounts work in the Hall. Does it save time? and are the models scientifically accurate?

Follow their work on the team blog:


Michael Anderson, Chief Preparator/Peabody Museum

Michael Anderson was trained as a medical model maker. He is a sculptor and taxidermist at the Peabody Museum of Natural History and has responsibility for the upkeep and development of the habitat dioramas and the CT Bird Hall.


Collin Moret, Assistant to the Preparator

Collin Moret is an artist/painter working part time in the preparation lab with Michael Anderson.