Yale University and HP are partners in an arts research project that explores applied uses of blended reality — 3D design, augmented/virtual reality, digital imaging and 3D fabrication technologies — to enable new ways of learning, communicating and understanding our world.

A Yale University applied research project sponsored by HP

Exploring Volumetric Video Capture — Early Steps

October 29, 2020


Volumetric video capture is one of the latest areas of investigation, led by Blended Reality team members Farid Abdul and Randy Rode. What is volumetric video? Imagine... Read More >

Fall Happenings with Blended Reality

September 1, 2020


Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, work within the Blended Reality project continues. Principal investigator Justin Berry is guiding and leading a wide range activity,... Read More >

Blended Reality in the News

July 14, 2020

During the winter break of January 2020, a group of forty educators, instructional technologists, and industry leaders gathered at Yale’s Center for Collaborative Arts and Media to... Read More >
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