Yale University and HP are partners in an arts research project that explores applied uses of blended reality — 3D design, augmented/virtual reality, digital imaging and 3D fabrication technologies — to enable new ways of learning, communicating and understanding our world.

A Yale University applied research project sponsored by HP

XR in Education — What’s Next?

January 17, 2020

While students and faculty were away from campus during the winter break a group of 40 educators, instructional technologists and industry leaders gathered at Yale’s Center for... Read More >

A More Human Way of Interacting with Virtual Worlds

December 6, 2019


When we interact with virtual reality, we use one type of controller: point-and-shoot. But as we go deeper into immersive technology, do we want that for everything?... Read More >

Friday, Dec 6th @ 6:00 PM Blended Reality Showcase

November 25, 2019

Teams will present project work from the past semester in an informal showcase. Presentations include an interactive gallery display built on the Verb Collective Unity package, a... Read More >
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