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March 4, 2019

In the ‘where are they now’ category, first year Blended Reality project Stalled! has won 2018 Architect’s Newspaper Best of Year Awards in research and an AIA Innovation Award. 

Stalled!,  the work of architect Joel Sanders, is a transdisciplinary project which proposes design concepts for more inclusive public bathrooms.  Within the Blended Reality work Joel’s team explored methods for utilizing virtual reality to rapidly prototype and test perceptions of different design options.   

This was a small part of the overall design work.  But that is exactly the type of project that we look for.  Where a faculty member, researcher or student has the beginning of an idea, and needs to explore how they might leverage virtual, augmented or 3D print technologies to make it a reality.   Our congratulations to Joel and his team on their successes.

Project Team: Stalled! Prototype for an All-Gender Public Restroom