November 12, 2019

The Verb Collective is a toolkit for creating interactions and experiences in Unity. Verb Collective v.98 is now available in the Unity Asset Store!!/content/156789

We employed a strategy of reducing code into very basic commands, such as “to look.” Each verb can be triggered by another verb or can be active on start, and each verb can act as a trigger for an array of other verbs. Our goal was to create a system inspired by the exploration of concrete experiences as a way to open the technology to users less interested in a specific outcome, such as a game, and more interested in exploring the material properties of the worlds they create. In doing so, we hope to bring in a more diverse set of makers that challenge existing notions or expectations of these media.

Justin Berry presenting to fellow educators at the October 2019 EDUCAUSE annual conference in Chicago, Il.

For more background on the motivations behind the Verb Collective, read Justin’s recent article in Yale Maquette magazine: The Verb Collective, Justin Berry, Yale Maquette, Fall 2019,