January 17, 2020

While students and faculty were away from campus during the winter break a group of 40 educators, instructional technologists and industry leaders gathered at Yale’s Center for Collaborative Arts and Media to discuss support strategies for XR.

Exploring external factors that impact campus support of XR teaching experiences.

The event leveraged the EDUCAUSE-HP sponsored research into the use of extended reality (XR) experiences in educational settings (https://www.educause.edu/ecar/research-publications/xr-for-teaching-and-learning-year-2-of-the-educause-hp-campus-of-the-future-project/executive-summary-key-findings-acknowledgments). The Educause research study explores the question: What factors influence the effectiveness of XR technologies for achieving various learning goals? The January workshop built on this work with a focus on strategic thinking and planning on how we will incorporate XR technologies into our learning environments. Through a series of workshop activities the participants scanned the XR landscape, explored 2-3 year scenarios and identified pathways to prepare our organizations to leverage the possibilities of XR technologies.

Participants brainstorming on key factors and opportunities in supporting emerging technologies on a college campus.

Sixteen colleges/universities met with industry experts over two days to discuss the larger question of how educational institutions can support emerging technology infrastructure at a sustainable scale. What works for core technical infrastructure and enterprise applications does not apply to emerging tech, but that doesn’t mean emerging tech can or should be a free-for-all. The event proceedings will be published as a report to be released summer 2020.

Yale’s Justin Berry sharing project ideas with UPenn’s Kim Eke.

Attending: Barnard College, Bryant University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Florida International University, Hamilton College, Harvard University, MIT, NC School of Science and Math, Syracuse University, The New School, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Pennsylvania. Wake Technical Community College, Yale University

Florida International University’s John Stuart exploring a virtual reality learning simulation during the peer demo portion of the meeting.