July 14, 2020

During the winter break of January 2020, a group of forty educators, instructional technologists, and industry leaders gathered at Yale’s Center for Collaborative Arts and Media to discuss the future of extended reality technologies (XR) in higher education. The meeting was arranged by the Blended Reality management team and made possible through the generous support of HP.

Attendees were mostly representatives of the institutions that participated in the HP/EDUCAUSE Campus of the Future research project. These individuals and institutions have been involved with XR deployment on campus for as long as anyone and longer than most—at least one year and as much as three. At this meeting the participants came together to reflect on their work with XR, identify the open questions and problems that need solving, and collectively create a vision for the future of the technology and its use in higher education. Over two days of the event, some shared agreement emerged, both about what the XR community in higher ed is doing and what remains to be done.

A report on the group’s discussions was published by Educause Review. View a copy at https://er.educause.edu/articles/2020/6/exploring-the-future-of-extended-reality-in-higher-education