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March 7, 2021

On February 26th, between 40 and 45 people logged onto Gather Town to interact and share ideas in a 16-bit recreation of Yale’s Center for Collaborative Media and Arts. The event, titled the Alumni Mentorship Program, brought Blended Reality’s past in contact with its present and future as alumni of the program, including Jack Wesson, Valentina Zamfirescu, and Monique Baltzer among others brought their experience and expertise to bear on the eighteen ongoing projects highlighted at the event. 

A screenshot of the event room in Gather Town

The night emphasized one of Blended Reality’s foremost strengths, and that’s its ability to bring scholars, critics, students, scientists, and artists under one roof in the name of inquiry and experimentation. Imagine interacting inside a 3D replica of scenes from your favorite novel. Or how about using a tool that can teach anyone how to program video games in C#.  Now imagine what might be possible through the use of cameras that can create 3D models of people as well as track their movements. Invisible Man: The Video Game, represented by Shayne McGregor, the Verb Collective represented by Justin Berry, both using Unity, and the Volumetric Capture Project represented by Farid Abdul, using volumetric cameras, are projects attempting to do these very things and were on display at the event.

Project teams that receive mentorship will meet with their mentors in monthly meetings. Projects which receive mentorship are eligible to receive future support from Blended Reality.

Do you have a project you’d like to develop but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re interested in working on a team, but you don’t know what projects are in development that need support. Please email Blended Reality and the Yale Center for Collaborative Media and Arts for more information. Advising, collaborating, and building dynamic and effective teams are key aspects of Blended Reality’s ongoing mission to support technological experimentation, creative expression, and local and global-level problem solving. Reach out. You won’t be disappointed.