The Peabody Project

February 1, 2020


Leading on the Peabody Museum Project is Collin Morét, who is working to change the museum going experience. So far, they have worked mainly with the Looking... Read More >

Memories and Virtual Illusions

January 31, 2020


Julia Schäfer, a second year MFA student in the School of Art, was looking for ways to visualize memories when she came across Blended Reality. From the... Read More >

A More Human Way of Interacting with Virtual Worlds

December 6, 2019


When we interact with virtual reality, we use one type of controller: point-and-shoot. But as we go deeper into immersive technology, do we want that for everything?... Read More >

Yale Students Lead with Immersive Media

November 15, 2019


Experiencing poems, testing phobias, visualizing surgery: these are just some of the projects the Yale Student Immersive Media Club (YSIM) has been working on this semester. Co-presidents... Read More >

When we change the way we see the world…

October 4, 2019


When we change the way that we see the world, the world that we see changes. Research into emerging media is not simply about exploring new technologies to see what they can do, or discovering the ways that they can improve on pre-existing media, it is about understanding the way that these new forms of experience shape our perception and understanding of the world. The Blended Reality project at Yale is interested in exploring new media using an arts based approach to research. Rather than begin with a hypothesis that we aim to validate, we look for projects interested in upending our expectations and current paradigms by exploring the space in between success and failure...
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