Annual Reports


Exploring the Future of Extended Reality in Higher Education, Jeffrey Pomerantz, Randall Rode, Educause Review, June 29, 2020,

The Verb Collective, Justin Berry and Bobby Berry, June 2019, IEEE,

The Verb Collective, Justin Berry, Yale Maquette, Fall 2019,

Workshops/Conference Presentations

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, October 2019, Chicago, IL

IEEE Games Entertainment and Media Conference June 2019, New Haven, CT

  • THE VERB COLLECTIVE // Justin Berry, Bobby Berry (Platforms for Learning)
  • BEYOND IMITATION: GENERATIVE AND VARIATIONAL CHOREOGRAPHY VIA MACHINE LEARNING // Mariel Pettee, Chase Shimmin, Douglas Duhaime, Ilya Vidrin (New Performance Practices)
  • CLAMSHELL // Justin Berry, Lance Wertes-Chantilly, Isaac Shelanski, Sara Abespour  (Expressive Interfaces)

MODE 2019, Wellington, New Zealand, Massey University

  • Labyrinths: Reimagining Exhibition Platforms for Artists in Virtual Reality, Johannes DeYoung, Justin Berry, Lance Chantiles-Wertz, Jack Wesson, Adam Moftah

10th International Conference on Computational Creativity, UNC Charlotte, North Carolina | June 17 – June 21, 2019 

NERCOMP professional development workshop, December 2018, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT

  • Designing Immersive Empathy 360-VR Experiences: An Experiential, Facilitated Approach, Randall Rode, Justin Berry, participating presenters. 

Educause Annual Conference, November 2018, Denver, CO

  • Mixed Reality Technology Innovation Case Studies in Higher Ed, Randall Rode, panelist 

Blended Reality Summit, June 2018, Yale University.

  • A 2 day meeting of 20 higher-education institutions, focused on practical applications of virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D print technologies in a university setting.  Justin Berry, Randall Rode, organizers/presenters.

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2017, November 2017, Philadelphia, PA,

  • HP and Yale Team Up to Create a Blended Reality Future, Randall Rode

NERCOMP professional development workshop, May 2017, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

  • Virtual Reality and 3D Technologies for the Arts and Humanities Classroom, Justin Berry, Randall Rode, Marta Figlerowicz, Ayesha Ramachandran